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Moss is Growing on my Telescope


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No, not really but I live in the Puget Sound region north of Seattle and the past 2 months have been wet and cloudy even for here.

I am new to actually using a telescope but have been interested in astronomy all my life. I purchased an Orion SkyQuest XT8 about 3 months ago and a bunch of accessories since then (probably the reason for the clouds) and have managed to only see four objects so far; the Moon, Saturn, M3, and M13. I'm hoping to see M57 on the next clear evening.

Even though it has been slow going I am really excited about my new hobby and hope to learn enough to be dangerous.

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Welcome to the SGL Forum MA. There is never any hurry to find objects. They will always be available at some time.

I can understand your frustration with the weather though, I live in a part of the UK that attracts more than it's share of rubbish weather :). Nice little scope you have too, so lots to look forward to.


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Hi and a warm welcome from me to the forum.

It is possible to see Jupiter now if your prepared to stay up till the early hours, although it is a bit near to the horizon to see it at its best!

Clear skies soon!


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Hi MA, welcome to SGL.

They are nice targets, M13 is one of my favorites, I was able to get the scope out last night, and showed son No2, M57 & M13.

M13 got a wow! Crank up the magnification on M13, it will take it and reward!

Clear skies!

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