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Jupiter season opens (19 Jun)


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It's just matter of seeing. On epic seeing even a 1FPS free webcam will do stunning image. The less perfect seeing the more advanced camera and post-processing is needed.

Epic seeing example:


:) "Epic seeing" - I wish that I could have had some of that during my planetary imaging this last year!!!

Hee-hee Piotr.....I look forward to you demonstrating these claims of yours.....perhaps this opposition..?!?:):rolleyes::)

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Can anyone tell me what time Jupiter begins to show itself in June?

At the moment Jupiter rises approx. 0110 BST - on the Greenwich meridian; add (subtract) 4 minutes for every degree West (East) of longitude and subtract 4 minutes for every day that passes. At the moment Jupiter is so near the celestial equator that latitude hardly makes any difference to the timing.

It should be at a reasonable altitude for getting a quick peek by the time it's really starting to come light. So bright that it's hard to mistake for anything else; only Venus is brighter and that's in a completely different part of the sky. Jupiter will be almost due east when rising, in the south east in the brightening pre-dawn sky.

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