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I have a Celestron CG4 mount but the Slow Motion RA and Dec knobs always seem to be pointing in the wrong direction and out of reach at some point during the viewing session. I know you can change these but this is not easy in the dark. Has anyone any simple solution. I though about buying a second set of the knobs and attaching these on the other side of the spindle. I'm not sure if this would create any problems in rotating the mount.

All suggestings welcome (whilst most suggestions anyway!).


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Hi Mike,

That shouldn't cause you any problems. I have four on my CG-5, one with a medium length solid stem and they never snag or catch.

There are various links for slowmo controls and focuser knobs all the way through this thread: Vixen Porta II slow-mo knobs.

They may fit the CG-4, not sure though. It all depends on the diameter of the spindles. The linked items are all for 6mm shafts.

HTH :icon_scratch:

PS - I can vouch for the quality of the knobs from FocusKnobs.com. They're nicely machined and reasonably priced.

I got a set of four, the 2" SK+, for my CG-5 and shipping was less than €20. :)

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