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Hi guys and gals.

I'm am yet again after advice, I am still very much a novice and your thoughts would help greatly in my progress towards my ultimate goal of decent astrophotography of DSO's

As you see from my signature i have a nexstar 6se, i understand that this mount is far from ideal for pics but it is all i have to work with at the moment. I also understand that the focal length makes it slow, again not ideal but again it's what I have for now.

I am thinking of buying an atik ccd, the basic one from FLO, 16ic.

To give me a chance of ok images would a focal reducer help? I ordered a 3.3 one I think but wasn't in stock but i have the option of cancelling if required, would this make my scope "fast" and better for pics?

With a mono ccd I understand that coloured filters are used to construct coloured images, I bought the revelation eyepiece set from FLO and this has coloured filters, would these sort of filters be adequate, I understand a ha filter would probably be required in the long term.

Finally, would the camera just fit on the scope or would i need some sort of extension tubes to get focus with the above camera?

I await your replies with great interest.

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Thanks for the advice, I do remember reading something about tracking issues with it but I forgot and in my haste I ordered the 3.3. Think I will change that order

Thanks again brantuk

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The Atik 16 IC has a pretty small chip, so the F3.3 reducer may well work for you.

This will give a wider field of view than an F6.3 reducer and make tracking easier.

The lower the F-ratio, the wider the field of view and the faster the scope.

With a larger chip you will get bad vignetting with the 3.3, but a 3.3 used to work fine using a DSI pro for me.



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Dave, even though the mount tracks in AltAz, if you can get the camera and reducer to work, and assuming the drive train is up to the job, you should be able to get up to 2 minute exposures as long as you aim low in the east or west. Up to the zenith this time comes down. Apparently focal length doesn't effect the sub duration, but the longer the focal length, the greater the requirement for accurate mechanicals in the mount.

As you list having the Titan, why not use that as a test, instead of investing in the 16ic ?

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Hi John

Titan was received on Saturday, therefore i have already chosen my camera :rolleyes:

now, all i have to do is to get decent focus on something then have a play about with exposure times and stuff.. Who said it would be easy?

Have a problem with reducer, the supplier said they were in stock, low and behold once i ordered it's no longer in stock! So am currently using scope without any aids.

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