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The Sun - 17th June


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Hmm... I didn't see anything yesterday afternoon.

It was a clear white disc without any activity. :)

The spots were small .... not much more than pores ....


1100 UT. WO FLT 110, Lunt solar wedge, 2.5x Powermate, DMK21 (image cropped)

You would have needed high power & steady seeing to see them. And probably at least 80mm aperture. In moderate seeing during the afternoon they were quite hard for me to find visually. One difficulty when the Sun is nearly blank is that there's nothing to focus on, except the limb, which isn't the best target because of the limb darkening - if the focus is even slightly out, you are going to miss pores.

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Well that might explain it I guess.

I only did a quick view with the C8 and the 25mm EP.

As I didn't see anything. I didn't bother checking with the 8mm Hyperion.

I still do not have any filters. But hopefully today or tomorrow I will get the TS UV/IR cut and the Baader green filter by mail. :)

Now it's also waiting for clear skies again hehe.

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The active area now has an official number - NOAA 11082. Today there is a proper small spot with a penumbra, and a few pores. Images hopefully "in the can" but it will be a while before I've processed them - skies didn't clear till lunchtime.

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