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Battery Chargers :)

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Hello all,

Ive just invested in a 110AH leisure battery :D

Now, Im going to need a charger for it, I have found this...


By the sounds of it this will do the job?

Have you any other ideas, and comments if you have this charger or know of a cheaper bettwer one...

Thanks all in advance :D

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That should do the job it says it can charge up to 140Ah so well within its limit. I used to use a 110Ah leisure battery for another hobby and to be honest they're more difficult and heavier to move around compared to a 85Ah battery.

Just make sure you don't completely run the battery down because they can be a pig to charge up again.


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The CTEK range of chargers seem very good. After looking into charging regimes, that's the manufacturer I went for.

The XS 3600 which is slightly cheaper could also suit your needs.

I went for the XS 7000. More money but it has a supply mode of 13,6v max 7A. It works very well and I used it as a supply one night at Kelling this Spring instead of the battery ( Oh the joys of a hook up ). Also handy if you need to disconnect a battery from a car.

Look at this site - Battery Chargers and Accessories Battery Chargers and Accessories, UK

They have all the info and links to the manuals.

The CTEK range get over the flat battery problem with pulse charges. This removes the stratification. Check the manuals and specs first though.


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