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Cant merge subs in photoshop CS3?

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Hello again folks,

Im trying to get a headstart on processing before i try it for real in the winter. Im working my way through Steve's book but Iv hit a bump in the road...ALREADY!?:D lol.

Steve explains the process for merging LRGB files in photoshop & the GIMP, I have a copy of Photoshop CS3 and when following his steps...open the 4 files then change all to greyscale except for the luminecence which is set to RGB..ok no problems their then do...windows-channels...then use the channels pallete menue to merge channels...which is the bit im stuck on because it is not highlited in my menue? What am i doing wrong? :)

I can do it in the GIMP without any problems but I would like to be able to do it in PS seen as i have just paid for it :D

All help is put to GOOOOD use!



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there is no point in waiting for the winter, there is an awful lot of bright summer nebulae you cab get.

If you want to merge channels in PS they must all be greyscale. Open the three pictures, R, G and B and set the channel merge options to RGB. Make sure they are properly aligned first. If you want to use multichannel the luminance frame must be grey as well.

Once having merged the RGB introduce the Lum frame as an extra layer (make sure it is aligned first) and then set the blend mode to either Colour or Luminosity depending on which layer, RGB or Lum, is on top. Don't expect miracles with LRGB, the Lum frame frequently wipes out all the colour.


ps; on a personal note, if you have PS throw Gimp away.

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Thanks for that Dennis! Yea that seems to be slightly different instructions to steves book must be a different version. That has certainly worked anyway thanks for that.

Unfortunatly the summer months in the Orkney Islands (latatude 59.9) is daylight for atleast 4 months :D but when it gets dark it gets DARK! :D so it makes up for it.

Thanks for the advice!


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