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new to this hobby?!!!


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hello to one and all...as you may have guessed I to am new to this wonderful universe of astronomy,and I am hopeful that by joining this forum I can gain the knowlege needed for me to enjoy my birthday present! you see..my missus got me a scope for my 50th...its my first ever scope...and although I have always had a passing intrest,I have over the years contented my self with watching sir patrick on the BBC,and more recently the internet etc.yes...she did ask what I wanted....yes..I did mention a telescope....but I was only dreaming....now she's gone and scared the living s**t out of me by getting me a meade lxd75 sn10......geez....its big but I am not gonna moan.....I think she's done her homework because she kinda knew that if I ever did get one that I would like to try my hand at astrophoto's and such......anyway...would like to take this as a chance to say sorry to one and all cos I am gonna have a whole heap of questions to throw at you....I love my scope:p...ray

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Terrific pressie from the missus you got there (and terrific missus too). Ask any questions you like - there's allway someone will help out.

Meantime - download "Stellarium" - great planetaria software and totally free - also join a local astro group.

All the best with the scope and welcome to the group :D

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Hi Ray,

A warm welcome to the forum :D

If you want to explore astro-photography, a good place to start is with Making Every Photon Count by Steve Richards (steppenwolf here on the forum).

It'll guide you through imaging from the start, covering everything from kit to techniques, helping you choose the right equipment and tools, whilst avoiding expensive mistakes.

And there's loads of skilled imagers on here too, willing to share their tips 'n' tricks.

Nice 'scope your lady got you, too. Enjoy.

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hi every body , new here , i just found a meade rcx400(lx400) 20 inch

for just 2000$ i dont know why the guy wanna sell it but its working good

my only problem i need to send it to Tunisia from New York

and its big huge any body have idea

oh another one wanna sell his 16 inch meade full equip for 2000$ anyboby interest let me know

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Hi Ray :D

A warm welcome to the forum and clear skies for your new scope. Don't forget to check out the search facility at the top of the page for past questions/answers as there is a lot of useful info in there.

James :D

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Better start saving for your wife's next big birthday, not sure what the going rate of exchange is on diamonds, but a 10" newt has got to be pushing a few carats. Enjoy the scope :D, and enjoy the forum.


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thank you all for the warm welcome....gazing at the stars it seems I'm not alone after all:D...already getting great advice and tips...and with the great reading that I've been doing these last couple of nights on this forum,may not have to bore you guys too much with inane questions ! :D have downloaded stellarium(love it) and Steve's book is now on my list of essential purchases...have also taken a peep at Astro-baby's web page and that has already made me realise that patience and persiverance are going to be my companions for a while.I have only used my scope once since I got it and soon realised that I need to know where to look as opposed to just pointing at the sky and expecting.....that being said...I saw the moon for the first time through a telescope and was blown away...look forward to making many friends in this group and am already planning on making myself worthy of your company at ssp2011...Ray :D

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