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hello all (and i am sorry)


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hi everyone, stephen here from hemel hempstead herts, well i have allways been interestead in astronomy and just feel now is the time to do someting about it just had my 44th bday:( and have some bday money to spend so am going to treat myself to a telescope.i am a total newb but have been reading magazines/tv and searching the net for info, so hopefully will be taking the plunge in the next few weeks (cant wait).

As for the sorry part well i thought i would say sorry now for all the questions i know i will be asking, infact i have already started by posting in the newbie section as to my first scope lol.:D

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Welcome and ask away. :D

As to the 1st scope you can browse the beginner advice section as there are a few 1st scope threads there. Feel free to open your own so we can advice on a scope that will better suit your needs.

I would also recommend a quick read on this thread:


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Hi Chesty (..never thought that I would ever be writing that line! :D)

Welcome to the forum. There is a lot of experience here, with a lot of different suggestions for doing the same thing, so there will always be something that's right for you. Don't forget the search facility at the top of the page, so you can have a look at earlier questions/answers on previous topics.

I noticed a little sad face by your age :). Always remember, that no matter what age you are, you will never be that young again!!! That's probably why I act as immaturely as I can possibly get away with. Let us all know what you're going to buy when you've made your decision - I'm already excited for you and its not even my scope!!

Clear skies :D:D

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Hi Stephen,

A very warm welcome to SGL, you do well to research through mags, books and the forum before making your decision on the scope you want and then it will be a choice of what you want to look at, DSO or Planets, Moon, Stars etc, in the meantime have you considered a pair of bino`s ?, enjoy the forum.


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