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where can i find subframes to practice with?

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:)Hello again,

I was wondering, as im getting preped for the darker nights to hopfully start some AP :D I thought i could get a head start on the processing front as it looks to be VERY difficult. So where could i find some raw data to play with??? Is there a particular site that has loads?

Thanks folks,


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wow! yes suicide would be more likley! cant believe he didnt have it insured for that kind of money spent on equipment? guess it was one of those things you always say you must do but never get round to until its too late. what a shame, i fell really bad for him :D

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That is very sad. The thieves must have planned carefully, and had transport to cart it away of course.

It must have been quite a weight. I just hope it is recovered, and the thieving gits severely dealt with.

There is nowt lower than sneak thieves.


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