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9 Messier’s and an accidental asteroid

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Earlier the same evening/morning as my previous post of Comet C-2009 R1 McNaught at the Rollright Stone I took a series of images facing south, I’d had a glance though the 10x50 bin’s and notice several fuzzy blobs low down in the glow over Chipping Norton. Having done the Cygnus star fields and still waiting for the comet to climb up the sky I randomly set the camera with the 85mm lens facing towards Sagittarius and did some 60 second exposures. After stacking the results I was amazed to see the Lagoon, Trifid and Omega nebulas along with six other messier objects, I had no idea they would record so easily. The insets in the photo below are from the full resolution file.

But this is just the half of it, I was glancing through the Sky and Telescope Magazine on Saturday and noticed an item mentioning that Ceres was passing over the Lagoon Nebula during June....... wait a minute the lagoon nebula is in my photo, after a very excited check with star charts and a search on the internet I found this excellent website


It shows the predicted path of Ceres so I copied, resized and pasted it over my photo and then made an animated gif to blink between the two and ......blow me there it is in the predicted position (see Lagoon and Ceres photo)

Is astro imaging easier when you haven’t a clue what you’re photographing? :D




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Brilliant image. Amazing detail in a widefield image.

Worth also noting that Pluto is in the photo too, just above M24.

Might be difficult to find in such a rich starfield though. You seem to have captured stars down to at least mag. 13, so it might be possible.

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