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Rho Ophiuchi


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Hi folks!

After an endless time we got clear nights. So I used the chance to capture IC 4603 and IC 4604 in Ophiuchus from my balcony.

I used the Pentax 75 SDHF, Canon 350d mod. with ISO 800.


Never made so many lights before: 35x600 sec (two nights). I am a little bit disappointed. I expected more. :D After all a big fight against noise.

But I have to accept, that this object is so southern. To capture it better I have to go to Australia :D .



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Don't be disappointed! It's a fantastic image, you have really captured a sense of the variation in thickness of the gasses, and also the colour differences.

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Excellent work with loads of signal 6 hrs has given you, DSLR's are not designed to capture these faint reflection dusty type objects so you have done extremely well to produce this image, this is more a mono CCD target. Only criticism is contast is a bit low so a soft light blend in CS3 will really improve this image.


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Hi Werner,

This is just an idea (and I think your picture s superb) but this is what I did (and thanks to Martin B for the idea.)

In Ps choose image mode Lab Colour. Splt channels and work on channels a and b. For both channels go to Image-Adjust-Brightness And Contrast and push the contrast on a and b hard, maybe to 30. Then recombine channels. It really boosts the colour without adding noise as Saturation does.

Great picture, very subtle. Don't be disappointed.


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