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First Light Optics is moving!

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This month First Light Optics will move out of my home office into a business unit :D

First Light Optics was born from SGL four years ago and has been built and run around SGL's member's requirements and preferences. What other dealers spend on magazine advertising FLO spends on forum sponsorship. No other UK astro' retailer operates this way :)

We like our approach to retail and fortunately many of you do too. Thanks to your support, advice and referrals FLO has grown steadily in size and capability.


I confess there have been times when our growth has been difficult to manage. In particular, during busy periods we have found it difficult to stay on top of the stream of emails, PMs and phone calls. Sorry :D

Operating from a modern unit with a proper phone system (three phones, not one!) shiny new computers and considerably more space for stock we will be more efficient and better able to deal with communications. This move will underpin what we have achieved and enable further growth.

FLO's sponsorship of SGL is unchanged and will continue to increase as required :)

We will make another announcement later this month with our new address and phone number.

Meanwhile, this is where we are heading (pix taken during a scouting mission with James and Nette).






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Nice one Steve!

Congratulations on the move. It should be a fun (albeit scary at times) time ahead or you!

Wish I lived a bit closer (Exeter I think Kev)



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We shall remain here in Exeter, Devon. There is a new corner of the Marsh Barton Industrial Estate within easy reach of the M5. We shall be there. You will be most welcome :)

:D :D

We will be pleased to receive visitors and will happily set-up kit for demonstration but please phone ahead. Initially we are setting up a distribution centre, the showroom will come later.

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Congratulation`s on your expansion plans,here`s to many happy years of trading(get and use a good quality burglar alarm) you lead the way in customer service:hello2:keep up the good work and make plenty of time for yourselves! You`d better make it a big teapot:D



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Congrats Steve & James, the right move at the right time. Nice to see that you'll be able to stock more items & have a show room later. I'll have to pop down for a cupper sometime... If thats no problem.. :D:evil6::D


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But make sure you check that lease....get a few break points in it....Make sure you get the repairing obligations that are consistent with the rental levels....


From my experience of clients!

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Congratulations to all of you ... looks like a nice clean and professional premises .. onwards and upwards eh !

A step towards a retail showroom too, Devon in general and Exeter in particular most certainly need it :D

best wishes :D


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