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Hello again folks,

Ive just playing playing around with my new setup. The newest addition being a canon 300d(thanks mark) as its a good few months until darkness arrives again here and i dont own a lens for the camera yet i thought i could just try out the camera on my ED80 i dont have an extention tube yet but i do have the 2" adapter.

so my question is should i be able to achieve prime focus with the diagonal still in just to test it out in the day time, as i tried this but i got nothing and it was still a blur through the veiwfider. I even tried it without the diagonal and just moving away from the scope but still keeping it centerd on it but got nowhere their either.

Am i just being in-pationet and my problems will be solved when i get an extention tube or am i missing somthing.

I am like a kid at xmas when i get a new gadget and cant wait to get it going! Lol

thanks in advance for any help :D


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