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Another go at M57


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Hi all, its been a while since I posted a photo...

I had a great night last night... Clear skies, 4 satellites, 2 meteors, and finding out how stupid I am... :D

for the past 3 months, I have been using ISO2000, or what I thought was 2000 (HI200, which is actually ISO200 :D).

So last night I decided to try ISO800 and what a difference it makes....

Well any way here is the Ring Nebular form last night ISO400:

20 lights

10 darks

... Then the camera battery died as it forgot to turn it off the nigh before :)


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Hi Keiran,

Looks good. Don't worry, we all learn from those sort of mistakes - keep practicing!

If I were you I would invest in a power supply for the camera. These camera batteries drain v quickly in the cold!



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Yeah, nice shot.

What exposure time were your subs?

And if you want to talk stupid ... one of my early posts enquired how my neximager knew that satellites of Jupiter were solar system objects and so imaged them, but albireo wasn't and so it didn't, even though it was brighter!!!!!!!!

[i just wasn't getting it on the small chip]

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Lol... brilliant.

Thanks guys, these were still only 30 seconds, I am waiting on a cable from hong kong so i can use a programmable piece of software, to allow longer exposures and the amount of subs, but who knows how long that will take to get here, until then i am stuck with 30 secs.

I keeps struggleing with M81 and even glob clusters, but now i have worked this out, it should be easier :D

What do you recon ISO400 or ISO800... I can see alot of difference, you see more with 800 but there is alot of noise?

Anyway thanks again... Next time a few more lights, darks and i will have ago with bias and flats :D

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