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nikon d60 what settings.


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Hi all, just after a bit of help with my old Nikon D60.

Nikon does it's own noise reduction when taking long exposures, I think it subtracts a dark frame and bias the only downside is that it doubles the time needed for taking a frame.That is take a 1 minute exposure and the camera takes minute to process it before i can take the next image.

So the question is,do I let the camera do it's own thang! or do I turn it off and make do taking my own darks etc?

Any help taken in!


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Its nornal to turn it off to save some time as you would normally want to grab as many lights as possible as they are the "signal" your after...

This time of year with the temperture being a lot higher and possibly changing more during a session grab a few "darks" throughout the session...

Waiting for the manula for the D60 to download...


Looking at page 120 of the PDF (108 of the paper manual) the D60 only has a single combined setting for both High ISO and Long Exposure and the default is off...

Unfortunately it looks like at ISO800 or above it will still carry out "minimal" noise reduction even with it turned off :D so you need to do the switch off while Job NR is displayed after every frame...

Noise Reduction

Photographs taken at high sensitivities or at shutter speeds of eight soconds or slower can

be processed to reduce “noise” in the form of mottling or randomly-spaced, brightlycolored

pixels. Choose from the following options.

Off (default setting)

Noise reduction turns off at ISO sensitivities of 800 or less. Minimal noise reduction is

still performed at ISO sensitivities over 800.


Photographs taken at ISO sensitivities over ISO 400 or at shutter speeds of about eight

seconds or slower are processed to reduce noise. In continuous release mode, frame

rates will slow and the capacity of the memory buffer will drop. (At shutter speeds of

eight seconds or slower,

job nr will blink at the bottom of the viewfinder for a

period of time approximately equal to the current shutter speed. New photographs

can be taken when

job nr is no longer displayed. Noise reduction will not be

performed if the camera is turned off while

job nr is blinking in the viewfinder

before processing is complete.)


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