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Hi here is a stack of 162 subs of M31 from early this year.

Can anyone advise me how to improve the top left corner of the image?

Thanks Deanjpg.gif


Edited by Dean
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I would select just that corner then feather the selection then edit the levels to blend it in. One thing I do after making my selection is to hid the 'marching ants' - CTRL-H - it makes it easier to see how good/natural the blend is. You might have to make multiple selections etc but it should be possible to get something pretty good.

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Thanks Blinky, I tried it on a fresh stack and it worked a treat but I think it's to late for this version because the black point is clipped.

Thanks Dean



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If you don't mind a dark background there is a quick fix in Photoshop using the left hand Eyedropper in Levels. Select the Eyedropper and click on the dark part of the top left hand corner. Adjust Levels,Curves and Saturation to taste.

Heres one I did earlier.:D


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