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M27 with the QHY9 + Filters


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LRGB (100,60,60,60) using the QHY9 + filters on the SkyWatcher ED120 Diamond refractor.

Guided with Lumicron OAG / QHY5 and PHD.

Dumbbell was low down and not the best time of year for it, but gave it a go over a couple of nights. Darks, flats and bias subtracted from the image and I concentrated on pin point stars.

Mixture of 8 and 10 minute subs each channel.

Also spotted something unusual that I have never seen before, a faint streak that made it through the 4.5 hours of subs, not sure what it is, any clues ? Is it a comet I have captured ?

Well here it is :D



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If it's a comet or some other trailing rock from solar system it should move against the stars. Try making another image and compare. Maybe you discovered something :D The star close to it has 15,55 mag if I mapped it corectly and the object looks as dark as that star. If it won't move and will still have the tail then it could be some weird star releasing matter in a something like jet stream (pulsar, black hole activity? :D) - experts should know better.

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Hard to tell on the original image... you need a zooooomed in section.

I doesn't appear to have different colours or gaps (which would result from the time taken to change filters etc and the exposures in differnt wavelengths) - could be a faint meteor trail

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Nice capture Steve :) Could do with a little more colour for my taste, but still very nice.

Is that streak on all of the subs? Colour as well as Lum? Long like that, or is it a series of shorter streaks indicating movement. Also, what stacking method are you using? My guess would be a meteorite streak, but the subs will reveal the answer.

If it is an asteroid it will have a name and be trackable, Paulobao will likely know which one if so.



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Hi Steve

I have been comparing your image with one I took last year at Kelling and the same feature is on my image (taken with a DSLR) and as far as I can tell is just a line of three stars. If you like I will post my image.


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as far as I can tell is just a line of three stars

Are you sure? I've looked it up on skymap.org and circled the exact position of the object on Catanonia's image.

While there are some very faint background stars there, they don't look at all like what Catanonia has picked up.

I do like a mystery...



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