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pheww what a saturday.

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Well spent yesterday stripping my nice new skyliner 200p dob into bits,flocking came today,going to start it shortly.

Painted secondary mirror edges and assembly last night.

Hope it all will be done later,will post a few pics if anyone is interested,(probably done loads of times before).

Just want to get the best out of my telescope and if i can improve contrast then why not.

Anyone had any real world better results through doing this mod.

Back later.


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Not quite on the same scale, but I flocked an eyepiece this morning.

Before flocking


After flocking


I tried the eyepiece with my SW EQ66ED scope giving 160x mag on some plant. It did seem to snap into focus better after flocking.

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The eyepiece used in the photo was a TS Planetary 2.5mm. I also have the TMB 4 & 5mm version and I have flocked those as well. The 5mm there was a slight improvement, the 4mm there was a vast improvement.

These eyepieces have a group of elements at the top and a group of elements in the chrome barrel. The problem is inside the eyepiece, instead of threading it and give it a layer of flat back paint, It's smooth and has the same paint as on the outside of the eyepiece.

Back on topic:

Someone on this forum recently flocked their Skywatcher newt. and posted a before and after pics. It worked out so well, he said when he looked inside it at certain angles, the spider seemed to dissapear.

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This is something i have been meaning to do for ages. Have all the flocking material but never plucked up the courage do it. Well done for getting stuck in. Look forward to hearing about the results.

Darren, i'll definitely be giving my TMB eyepiece a go too.

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Hey russ go for it,

I must admit the first bit with the initial sticking down was a bit frightning,only because its hard to see and work in small tube and it sticks like s*** and once down thats it,looked at it this morning in natural light and im well pleased.

Secondary painted too.(not the mirror lol).

Just gonna put together this lunchtime and i will post some pics.

Its dark in there now.


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Thanks darren

Great thread,looks pretty good.

Can wait to get mine together.Where exactly was the shrink wrap menat to be used?

Got quite a bit of that here,if i can use it i will.


On re-reading, I think he tried to use it on the holes on the tubes where items eg, focuser etc. is bolted on. I've never owned one of these scopes so I don't know if things are bolted on the tube by nut and bolt or by self tapping screws, or maybe both.

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Here's my tube during and after.

The 1st is actually taken after the 2nd and is looking down the tube with the near end flocked using flash to try and cause as much reflected light as possible and light reflecting off the shiny wooden floor at the far end.

The 2nd is with incidental lighting and the bit I'd flocked at the far end.

The 3rd is fully flocked with just incidental lighting...Black enough for ya?:D

I've also flocked the secondary holder right up to the edge of the face of the secondary mirror (with some VERY careful trimming) which makes it disappear completely against the background so that when you look down the drawtube all you can see is the reflection in the of the primary mirror face. It needs to be very brightly lit to align the secondary to the drawtube otherwise you can't see the part of the secondary that's reflecting (or not) the tube walls.




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  • 5 weeks later...
can a 8" dob be flocked without removing anything but the prim mirror, I wouldnt be able to bring my self to take everything off it lol

It can be done, but I removed mine and placed it in a box with a cover. I'd hate to jog the OTA whilst flocking and cause the whole thing to crash to the floor. You do really need to access both sides of the tube to flatten the flocking if you are covering the whole interior.

Plus the fact it's a good excuse to clean out any loose dust inside the OTA - this would invariably stick to the mirror if it remained attached.

When I flocked my scope a few months ago, I gave it a jolly good service - tightening the mirror clips a little (sustaining collimation a little longer, as they were quite loose), cleaned the primary and secondary mirrors, painting any reflective edges with blackboard paint (nuts, screw ends, secondary mirror edges, blackening the spider vanes and aligning them.

Coupled with the purchase of some fabulous Tele Vue plossls, it seems like I have a new scope in terms of clarity and contrast.

So why do I have apeture fever? ;)

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