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New Skywatcher 200P beginners questions

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First post here. Been lurking for a while and would like to say thanks for the forum - it saved me getting a Argos special and ive found great info from other beginners.

Anyway, Wife got me a surprise skywatcher 200P for my birthday :D:);):):(:);):):eek: last week.

Finally got round to setting it up and aligning the finderscope.

Question1. - the image in the viewfinder is not upside as I was expecting, its more like diagonal, it is inverted but not all the way if you understand.... is this OK or is something out of line ?

Question2 what are the 4 thumb screws at top end of the optical tube and what's the thumbscrew under the focusing knobs ? I haven't touched im just curious.

OK thanks alot.:D

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

I actually have a Celstron C8, which is actually pretty much identical to your SW200p but rebranded. You have a good scope there. The 8" newtonian is considered by many as the optimal balance between apperture/cost and portability. Thank god you didnt go for a toy Argos scope. That might have put you off for good.

Q1: A newtonian is different from a refractor in how things are inverted. See or download the manual to see examples. Its hard to explain but while top/b is inverted left/right are back to front (i think).

Q2: the 4 thumbscews hold the secondary mirror in place. Leave alone for now.

Q3: The thumbscrew in the focuser will lock the focuser in position. This is great for when you mount your DSRL at prime focus for astrophotography.

Hope this helps


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