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Imaging during incomplete darkness

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I have expected to have to wait until August until I can start imaging again because of incomplete darkness during the summer months but was wondering,

Is it possible image during June and July with an unmodded DSLR or is it best to wait?

I have been looking at Astronomik EOS Clip filters and wondered if anyone else have used any of them to image during the summer months using a DSLR?

My imaging equipment

Unmodded 350d

Heq 5 mount auto guiding with PHD

Skywatcher 100ed pro+reducer

Equinox 80

Thanks Dean

Edited by Dean
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yes it is possible and I did it last year with a 350D and that clip filter. Pick high up Zenith targets, watch your refractor on your trippod legs as it moves.

Keep your subs down under 5 mins and you should get some good results. All depends how far north you are, I am Stoke area and get about 2.5 hours darkness at the moment.

Remember, longest day is June 21st so not long now :D

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