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4 satellites in 5mins!

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I havn't seen a satellite since I was about 12yrs old while on holiday in north wales way back in the early 80's.

After using my celestron skymasters last night for no more than a couple of mins just scanning the sky I saw 4 in a matter of minutes in all directions. Couldnt see them without the bins though so it obviously dawned on me why I've been missing them, light pollution is pants!

I know its not big news but for me it was a great night viewing since I'm scopeless.

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There's certainly a lot of them flying around up there. I was out this morning and at around 01:47 I saw 3 naked-eye satellites in the sky at the same time! One was revolving, pulsing every 10 seconds or so and one in the east which gave a nice flare.

Like you said, not exactly big news, but they can make the night sky seem almost 'alive' at times, if you see what I mean.

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I love tracking satellites. The most i've seen in one hour was about 20. They are more regular then the buses around here. Ive seen about 4-5 iridium flares in the last year or so totally by chance...2 within 30 seconds of each other.

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Even got the wife out last night as she didnt believe you could see satellites, she was spotting them before me after a while!

I want to eyeball the ISS if possible, keep missing the darn thing it.

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Paul its coming down in buckets here mate you can rest easy no spotting tonight.

Its been chucking it down ALL weekend here. I have not even bothered looking outside to look for a break in the clouds.

Got to love UK/Ireland summers.

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