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sorry but i couldnt resist,yet another.

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Well what can i say.

After last nights excellent session viewing saturn i was well pleased,but!

The short tube celestron i got(102 wide-view) was not great on saturn,couldnt get enough magnification due to it being 500mm focal lengh.

I did however love the way i could just whip it out and jobs a good un.

Convenient yes,what more could i want,how about more magnification?

Yes,so i treated myself to another scope today,small portable and longer focal lengh,comes in a bag and super easy to carry.

Its a skywatcher skymax 102 matsukov cassegrain.

Friends in high places,well sort of so cost me trade price.

I heard these are pretty good for planets,didnt do much research as have to make a quick decision.

Will try it out tonight.

Anyone got one of these,how are they?

Thanks G

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Hi G

Just calm down, at this rate you will have half a dozen scopes before I get mine!

Now I am really really jealous!

Seriously, hope the Mak serves it's purpose, and as always, let us know how you get on with it.

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just come down after a decent session with the pup, fantastic detail to be had of the moon and across its terminator, i will sleep well tonight :D

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