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Hello from Shropshire


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Afternoon all. I am sat outside a large supermarket as SWMBO does her weekly shop - without me to spoil the experience! :D

So, thought I would say hello whilst sat here. Scottish through and through but been in Shropshire for the last 10 years. Am lucky with fairly dark skies when can see them through the clouds. Had a longterm interest in cameras and photography but I am rapidly learning that astrophotography is a whole different discipline.

Have purchased a few bits of kit from members over the last month to get going but I am after a favour - is there anyone in/around Shropshire that would be willing to let me have a look at their setup, especially if they have a guided setup. This would be enormously helpful before I part with any serious cash. Thanks very much, and thanks for having such an informative forum

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Hello and welcome,

A good idea to look through before you buy. There is a lot of kit out there of which most of it is pretty good, but it can make choosing the right scope a little bit daunting. Good luck with your viewing session!

Clear skies


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Hi there ampleamp,

A very warm welcome to SGL. :D

If you want to explore astro-photography, a good place to start is with the book Making Every Photon Count by Steve Richards, steppenwolf here on the forum.

It'll guide you through imaging from the start, covering everything from kit to techniques, helping you choose the right equipment and tools, whilst avoiding the expensive mistakes.

There are also plenty of skilled imagers on here willing to share their tips 'n' tricks.

But be warned, imaging is a dark art :D

Not to mention an expensive part of the hobby.

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