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60 vs 68 FOV

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I can't be very objective as I didn't do a side by side comparison but I would say yes.

The extra 8º in diameter mean an extra 28,4% in visible area so it should be noticeable.

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I use SkyMap Pro for all forms of astronomical planning and find it tip-top. You can apply any combination of EP or camera chip/telescope combination to the map and see what it gives you. Very highly recommended.

If you are thinking of TeleVue Radian or Panoptic there are other factors, I'd say. The Radians are great but maybe lack a bit of character. They are precise but don't seem to give you the same feeling of involvement. Maybe a load of old guff so take this with a pinch of salt.


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I think it is something that was often noted re. the Baader Hyperion series. Repeat after me: The 21mm version has but 60 (not 68!) deg AFoV. <grin> And, as a onetime owner, I was thus pursuaded to sell my 21mm, but now rather regret this... ;)

In my own experience quite a LOT of eyepieces depart significantly from the nominal (claimed!) AFoV. I also found that the TRUE field of view differed from (my best effort!) calculation. An observation that only ONE expert ever tried to explain - I suspect he was right in his idea that (non-linear) distortion effects across the field are significant, particularly where WIDE fields are being sought. :D

P.S. The Vixen Lanthanum 30mm (sic) was a delight too, albeit only 60 deg. Huge, quirky, but also now somewhat missed. :D

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