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LX200 Needs a service....advice please

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My LX200 12", older system not the newer GPS range, needs a bit of a clean up and service.

I am going to be checking the collimation soon but would like everyones advice on how I should a procced with the clean up

I need to clean the primary...theres quite a bit of dust and grime built up on the primary and ideally it would be giving better images if clean/

Can I ask how best to proceed with this clean?

Is there any mechanical service that should be employed by a pro?

Have you encountered any issues or problems when collimating your LX200 Primary?



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Collimating is quite easy, the more you do it the easier it gets. If the images your getting aren't that great it could just need collimating as it sounds it hasn't been done in awhile, if the scope is moved around on a regular basis collimation could be well off if it's never been done. Try focusing on a bright star at medium power and bring it in and out of focus, the ring pattern should be concentric on both sides of focus, if it isn't it will need collimating, search this site and the web for collimating an SCT and give it a try before you take/do anything drastic. If everything is fine I would suggest contacting Telescope House and possibly arrange for them to give it a service and overhaul. I'm not sure of the cost involved but a Meade Classic is around 10-15 years old and would benefit from a good overhaul. It will probably serve you another 10 years also.

If you decide to send it or even take it yourself to get it serviced it may be a good idea to get them to fit Bobs Knobs which make collimating alot easier.

Good Luck!

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Stripping an Lx Classic is pretty straight forward. Google sct strip down and you'll find many pages on the subject!!!

Cleaning the optics again is fairly easy; just watch for all the little spacers at the corrector element and mark the positions of the secondary, and corrector relative to the OTA.

Collimation is easy.

I cleaned my 10" and 12" some years ago... and they're still going strong.

Drop me a PM if you have any specific questions.


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