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A little further help

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Hi all

Ok, sorry after much looking around I am drawn to this particular beast..

Reflectors - Skywatcher Explorer 250P DS OTA

Next question, what mount / tripod thingy would accept this scope and have tracking. along with 1 2 or 3 star alignment?

As I have mentioned in earlier posts I have no view of polaris from my viewing area so standard mounts would make it harder to align, much harder.

Next.. If I had the above what else would I need to get me started? (I already have an idea for power supply for motorised mounts so this aint a problem)

As always all help and comments are very much appreciated.


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Ok, thanks for the clarification.

How much difference is there between the 200 and 250 skywatcher?

I am worried of buying small and being disappointed, is 200 a good size for reasonable astrophotography down the line?

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The 250 (10") will gather 56% more light then the 200 (8") which is a fair difference. But that said - if you were upgrading from the 200 most people would go for 300 at least (or 12"). The 8" is gonna be fine for photograpy so long as it's on a decent eq mount - but generally - go for the largest aperture within budget. :D

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