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Focal reducer

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Hi, I've no pics, and I've never used a focal reducer, but as you've had no other replies :- A 6.3 reducer would change the focal length of your LX10 from 2000mm to 1260mm giving lower powers and wider field. A 3.3 reducer from 2000mm to 660mm mainly for imaging. Ed.

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I use a focal reducer on my 8"SCT to give wide views and its worth dong that for your observing as it gives you in effect a second scope good for DSO's.

With the 6.3 focal reducer you get brighter images and it will therefor reduce exposure times I believe but I have to say I am not an imager.

Best bit of kit you will ever buy for your SCT so try one. As already said the 6.3 is good visual and for astro but the 3. whatever it is is only good for astrophotography.

Best of luck

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No actual photos of the same object but a comparison of the FOV of an 8" SCT on a DSLR with the more common f6.3 and f3.3 reducers...


Unfortunately this doesn't tell the whole story .. an f3.3 reducer on an APS-C sized sensor will produce a heavily vignetted image...

Teh F6.3 will be fien and when properly spaced will also help to produce better star shapes around the edges and especially in the corners of the image...


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