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SkyWatcher r&p focuser question

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Hi there,

After receiving my new Antares Speers-Waler eyepiece I found that I don't have much in travel left when focused, I knew this was a disadvantage of this eyepiece.

The problem is that the supplied drawtube-1.25" adapter is a high-profile one and rises to about 3cm above the focuser drawtube. The drawtube top is about 57mm in diameter. The question I'm asking is whether anyone sells a low profile drawtube to 2" adapter for this size focuser?



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I know the SW 200p comes with drawtube to 2" adapter(and, I guess, your dob should have one too, maybe you should ask your AS?), however they are as high as the 1.25" ones.. I was looking arround for some low-ish profile drawtube to 2" adapters with compression rings, but had no luck.. So if you find something suitable - I'd too be interested :)


EDIT: ok, well I have found this, but it's a bit pricey for what it is IMHO..

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My SW drawtube-1.25" adapter comes apart (unscrews) and I reverse one part and rescrew it back this gives an almost flush fit with the draw tube. The only caveat is that you will need to find a way to keep the EP or imaging device fixed as the standard thumbscrew is to long to fit in the drawtube and too far down.

I drilled and tapped an M4 hole halfway up the 1.25" bit and fitted an M4x4 grub screw to hold things in.

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I am afraid not, it seems the only solution is to purchase the SkyWatcher low profile dual speed crayford focuser and fit that instead.

No one seems to sell the drawtube adapter on its own.

Well TS does, but again, I'm not quite sure it's the one we're after.. Plus it's pricey!

P.S. Just be aware, that you may need additional extension tubes for your other EP's to come to focus when using SW low profile crayford.


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