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Explorer 130 p synscan HELP!!!!

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I am completely new to astronomy and telescopes but it is something that has always fascinated me so i desperately want to get up and running!!

My telescope arrived and i opened it ready to set it all and get going.........however!!!! there are no instructions with it!!!!

I've tried looking at pictures to work it all out but cant see everything clearly enough!!

Please please could someone help me with an idiots guide to setting the scope up??

Im pretty sure ive got the mount right and attached the scope to it but as far as lenses and the finder scope etc etc!! i am so lost!!!!

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Hi Brett,

Thank you for your reply. I found that elsewhere also but it is not specific for my telescope, it seems to cover a range. As i dont know anything about telescopes it hasnt helped me!!!!

I've got the finder scope in, how do i put the barlow lense in and where?? Also as for the goto machine, it asks me for my position as in N co-ordinates and west co-ordinates i think. Where do find them at??

Thanks again and i hope someone can help me!!!!:D

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The barlow lense fits between an eyepiece and the focuser to give you extra magnification when needed (you wouldn't normally use the barlow unless you need extra magnification). To find your local coordinates, go to multimap.com and input your post code, below the map of your location you will find the latitude and longitude coordinates. Input the degrees and minutes into the handset ingoring the seconds. You input the West or East figures first then the North or South. Bournemouth comes up on multimap as 1 55 W, 50 42 N which should be accurate enough to get you started.


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Hi Clmack, just in-case you haven't found out already the date needs to be entered as mm/dd/yyyy and not dd/mm/yyyy. Also the time is +0.00 and DST set to yes.


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