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Ascom drivers :-(

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Trying to set up Ascom drivers for SW Skymax 127 alt/az goto on windows7....

Can anyone talk me through this as im having a mare trying to figure out what i need to do...

thus far i have download Ascom platform v5 then updated to v5.5, then downloaded celestron drivers package, next???

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I had a nightmare installing V5 platform on XP, as I recall it was a Microsoft Net frameworks conflict 3 and above. I uninstalled the update and it went in no problem, however if you have tried and failed to install you need to clear it completely from the registry first before trying again or you will continually get a 'Failed to initialise' error. If you have the same problems I had then it downloaded OK but crash on installation and failed to run.

The other point you should check, as I'm sure I saw it somewhere, is that the Ascom platform is not Windows 7 ready yet and therefore not compatable. But I may be wrong.

Hope you get it sorted

Clear skies!


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Hi Snoop, what program are you wanting to use to control the mount via Ascom. If your using stellarium then the new version has mount control built in.


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yeah i got steallrium working just fine but i wanted to using it for guiding.... im hoping to use WXastro but it requires the ascom drivers.....

Im havin trouble editing or changing all the settings when i load up the celestron drivers... the software has gone on just fine and seems to be working...

I did see a how too on this forumn not so long back but cant seem to find it anywhere :-(

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