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Obsy Build Part two


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Following on from ..http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-observatories/102688-starting-obsy.html

Managed to get some time in the garden doing both it ( garden ) and some work on the Obsy.

The hole for the concrete cube / pillar ( 36" l x 30" w x 36" d )


Eighteen inches down , I hit clay , solid , compacted , back breaking clay.


The pile of clay ! 20 builders bags were filled with clay and took away . Total bags removed ( soil/clay/rubble )....55 . All by hand by moi !


Framing for the concrete.


Hardcore/rubble at base , being clay I want drainage for water egress. Center is free of hardcore/rubble, to accommadate the pillar pipe, hardcore will go around it to same height as the rubble you see ( about 10" )


Setting of the slabs ( 600mmx600mm ) for the shed base. Wood with the level on it indicates finished shed floor level. This should leave about 42 - 45 inches of Pillar above floor level , I am thinking that 45" will be more than enough as the Pier top is 6" all , then factor in the mount height .


You can ,hopefully , just see some string line, pegged out, this is the area that the shed will sit on ( Shed= 8'x6' )

Wider view of Obsy area. New slabs being ordered and laid ( more work !!! )


It's slowly getting there , weather has improved dramatically . Hoping to do the concrete pour next week if weather is good . I am away for a long weekend Sat' thru Tues' , looking forward to that big time.

Clear Skies


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Looks a lot better than the abandoned pond... ;-)

And you've done something to the fence as well..

Keep the pictures coming, please. I'm collecting ideas in my mind for my own obs one day...

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