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Managed to carry out a successful DIY fix on my Skylux today after melting an internal plastic baffle yesterday whilst projecting a solar image (dont say a word! :D) Anyway, i fitted a homemade rubber baffle which works a treat and has given me a very slight increase of FOV. Thought id try it out tonight and had a lovely view of saturn and titan. Because the moon is rather bright i thought id have a quick squint at Lyra which is a new constellation for me. Its just visible over my roof. Id zeroed in my red dot finder pretty much on the money earlier in the session and aimed it just south of the line between gamma and beta lyrae. A quick fiddle with the fine adjuster and a dim fuzz appeared, gave it a bit of mag (x140) and a slightly bigger dimmer fuzz remained. Had a good look with averted and direct vision but couldnt really make out a ring. It looked more like a squashed circle with a few bright stars around. Another one on the list and an enjoyable session, doubly so because i saved my scope from the observatory in the sky :)

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Had i quick look at this myself last night with my Megrez, used my 26mm SW Panaview to find it no problem then upped it to my 9mm WO Swan, This gave a lovely view of the ring and surrounding area.

Mark :)

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