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Small Moon Mosaic - May 22


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Here's a "small" mosaic I made yesterday evening. There is a bigger one waiting to be processed when I get time.


2010 May 22, 2007 - 2011 UT. William Optics FLT 110, prime focus (f/7), Astronomik Planet Pro 742 filter, Imaging Source DMK41 camera. 6 frame mosaic.

A full size version of this image is available here: http://www.bbhvig.uklinux.net/Moon/Moon-100522-2009-FLTX1-large.jpg (1441 x 1800 pixels; 249KB JPEG file)

Transparency moderate, seeing moderate with significant boiling. Temperature 14C, wind calm. Midges hungry >8-(

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WOW! Your full size version is simply jaw dropping. The exposure is near perfect giving amazing detail from terminator to limb. I look forward to seeing something of the even bigger version.

Brian, does the 742 filter help improve both contrast and detail?

Bruce :)

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does the 742 filter help improve both contrast and detail?

The IR pass filter darkens the sky when imaging in daylight or bright twilight (the Sun was still above the horizon when this was shot). It also helps steady the seeing, and removes the prismatic dispersion you get when using "white light" on targets which aren't near the zenith.

Since the Moon is pretty near colourless, you don't lose much by imaging it in monochrome. Theoretically you get more resolution in shorter wavelengths, but this isn't an issue until your f-ratio is well above 20 & you do need very steady seeing to get diffraction limited images in green light.

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