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One good thing about having the moon around at this time of year is that you can spend the early evening imaging it, and then while away the hours Registax-ing it while you're doing long exposures of something else.

Anyway, this is a mosaic of 14 stacked images of the Plato region which I did tonight, whilst waiting for the DSLR to do a series of long exposures of something (forgotten what, but I'll find out in the morning!) Think I messed up the gain/gamma somewhat, so there's some horizontal lines, but I'm quite pleased with it considering the late hour and pretty poor seeing. Some really nice shadows at this phase.

Skywatcher 200P

Phillips SPC900 Webcam

5x Meade Telextender

Saved in QCFocus

Stacked in Registax

About 1500 frames for each image

Best wishes


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That looks very nice Luke, there's also a hint of the craterlets in Plato!:)


The original shows the craterlets nicely. This was intended to be part of a bigger composition which would have looked better, but I accidentally missed out a chunk around Vallis Alpes which runied the mosaic!

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