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Atik Help Needed

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I am a bit confused on how to judge the exposure times for both the subs and flats on my Atik383L+.

Can anyone enlighten me how I judge these times, the display option has auto stretch, does this have an affect on the data generated or purely a display option.

So how can I determine the flat exposure, on a DSLR it was easy, but I cannot see a way using the Artemis Atik capture routine which I am using.

Any idiots guide help from you guys would be much appreciated.

cheers Pete

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I believe Artemis capture is lacking in this respect. You need something like Maxim that can read the fits and show you the levels of the exposure in any part of the frame. If you set Maxim's info palette to average look for a level of about 20-40,000 adu for a flat. If you don't have Maxim you are a bit stuck, just go for a mid range exposure and then try it out.


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