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Moon/Venus Occultation


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Hm..don't get it though.. It shows up in the event calendar alright, with all the details etc, but when I click to view the event, there is no occultation visible, rather, a 47' something separation :/ Maybe then, it does not take into account the viewing position when searching for events.. although imho it should.. so a confirmation is needed then. sorry


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Thanks for that Peter. I checked the following dates and all are close from my location but not an occultation:-

Year Month Day Time Planet

2010 May 16 10:17 Venus

2010 Sep 11 12:57 Venus

2010 Nov 05 08:25 Venus

2011 Jun 30 07:35 Venus

2012 Aug 13 19:52 Venus

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No, like the one that occurred on the 16 May, these are all close passes as seen from the UK.

Marius, I would guess that you're software is simply showing you either passes which would occult somewhere in the world or is set to deliver results for the Moon reaching the same RA as Venus with both object's centres being less than a preset value.

It's a pity, because I like a good occultation of Venus. It's amazing to see the planet close to the much darker lunar surface.

I can't believe it's six years since I took this...


And 3 years ago for this...


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