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Camcorder Issue

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This is probably something really simple but it escapes me what! Previously my moon pics have looked OK, had a go the other night and this is what I got, can't figure why my moon has gone egg shaped! (pun intended) It's not been stretched or photoshopped or anything, simply the video ripped off the camera into my video editing software to make the avi, then registaxxed, but it was that shape on the avi. And it certainly didn't look that shape in camera viewfinder!

Probably something really simple in settings, but what?


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Camcorder is 16:9 yet it's capturing 4:3 for some stupid reason, had to reinstall all my software last week after a raid array died, really getting on my nerves though this one lol

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That was strange, watching it capture, it was right, then when it saved the captured segment of DV for editing it was going to 4:3. Went through all settings, didnt really change anything, just reselected my existing settings, must have been a glitch somewhere. So, here's the 'correct' camcorder moon lol


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