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Teleuve Powermate x2.5


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Ok so im suing a skymax 127 F11.8 and hoping the powermate x2.5 will be just fine to use with my SPC900NC (fully modified)???

Doing the math i make that F29.5 which im pressuming is pretty reasonable? Anyone use this setup like to let me know your thoughts??? will be used for planetary only.

I would also like to be pointed to a reputable dealer who can supply me one unless anyone is selling one???

Many Thanks

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Whilst im here i would also like a decent focal reducer and am open too suggestions as i have NO experience with these.... looking to drop my scope down to F5ish im guessing for DSO work??????

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The x2.5 should work well on the moon and planets.

I think SVO stock and sell them.

Re the reducer... well not so good. The baffle in the Mak causes to my eyes, too much vignetting. You could get a Mak - SCT adaptor and use a Meade/ Celestron x0.63 to give around f8.

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