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My new Widefield System

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For some time now I have been mounting my widefield imaging system (SXVF-M25C and Canon 200 L series telephoto) on top of my guide 'scope which in turn has been mounted on top of my imaging 'scope (SW 80ED Refractor or SW 200P Reflector). This worked OK but was a little unwieldy to say the least!

Recently, I decided to make a simple mounting system for purely widefield work and build in the capability of rotating the imaging camera to any angle to correctly frame my images - something I can already do with the Canon 200L as it has a rotating mount but not something I can do with any of my other camera lenses. The result is a system where the guide 'scope (SW ST80) mounts to the DEC axis and the widefield camera/lens assembly mounts to a swivel on top of the guide 'scope:-


The Whole System


The camera mounted at 90 degrees orientation


The camera mounted at 0 degrees orientation


Close-up of the swivel unit


My Olympus 135mm lens attached to my SXVF-M25C

using a custom adapter with integral filter holder

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Sorted :D

I was looking at that swivel head the other day but went with the Midi B&S instead I can cheat and stay miles away from a meridian flip even when imaging through the meridian then...

Nice little EQ3 Pro now to make it portable :)

I'm looking forward to my SynGuider now for my PC free solution...

Going to move away from my side by side to an over an under config I think to keep everything in-line with the axis...


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