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Tripod Bubble

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If you mean a bubble level in a 1.25 inch fitting to go into the eyepiece of a scope, yes I have one (well 2 as it happens). Use them on the goto I have.

Better then guessing when the thing is level, so no complaints. Not exactly expensive and if I sit it on the scope base I can level that first then the scope tube.

Mine have a small compass in the other end and that is pretty useless. The two give different ideas of where north is, about 5 degrees difference I guess. So Polaris gives better accuracy.

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Level bit looks fairly similar but the one I was on about needs a 1.25inch eyepiece, or flat surface.

Only problem I can see with the one you point out is if the arm that the level is on gets bent by a couple of degrees then the main part of the mount is set out by the amount of bend.

Depends on the thickness of the aluminium. Equally if the arm had a 1.25 inch hole in it one of the things I have could drop in it.

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I've got one & it works fine, providing you set it up correctly, which is a bit of a handful with an EQ6. Aluminium its made of is quite sturdy, but would bend if stepped on

There are a number of people who have posted that levelling the tripod is not necessary, once you've polar aligned. I still do it out of habit, but may give it a go one day!


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Various people have suggested that on an equatorial mount, getting things level isn't necessary: when it's set up, you know that the axis is pointing directly at the north celestial pole, and the mount will rotate around this axis. I never bother levelling mine and it works fine.

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