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Antares focal reducer on Mak 127?

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Hi all ! On advice from a member from another forum, I just purchased an Antares focal reducer :

- Correcteur de champ/réducteur de focale f/6.3 Antares

and an adapter to use it on my 450D DSLR :

- Adaptateur photo Antares pour porte oculaire 50.8mm

(Sorry the links are in French but I guess you'll know the hardware.

Now Somebody else gave me this big doubt about it was even going to be USABLE on a Mak 127...

Can you please tell me what to think? Maybe some of you even have some pictures with/without this reducer on a mak 127 to see the difference?

Many thanx for your help and support !

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Is the chrome nose-piece a 1.25" or 2" diameter barrel?

If it is 2" then you won't be able to use it on the 127 Mak, unless you have a 2" diagonal. It looks like the nose-piece is intended for mounting the reducer straight onto a refractor.

You can mount the reducer directly on the back of your Mak, without the nose-piece, using a Mak-SCT adaptor.

That might fine for imaging, with the camera adaptor, but the distance between the focal reducer and the camera's sensor is critical. Hopefully one of the forums imagers can provide better info than me.

However, to use it visually you'll need to get an SCT diagonal (I've linked a 2" one as it would give you the option to use 2" wide-field EPs).


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I dont intend to use it with a diagonal. I have a T2 threading at the end of the Mak (It's a Skywatcher Black Diamond 127 mm mak), and I intend to screw the reductor on it, then the 58mm chrome nose piece, and finaly a T2 ring to adapt to my Canon camera.

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I'm pretty sure that those reducers are threaded for SCT rear threads. They will not fit on your mak. There are however special adapters to change the skywatcher thread to a SCT thread. It might work then. I'm not sure if it wouldn't vignette quite badly though, as the exit hole on the Mak is pretty small if I remember correctly.

This is the reason that the skywatcher Mak's are limited to 1.25" accessories.

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I've given up on the FR. Now I'm trying to find a way to attach my DSLR directly on the Mak via a piggy back, I've posted a thread about this today.

Seems like even if I manage to adapt te FR to the Mak, the end result wont be really worth it unfortunatly...

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