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Wale and Hockey stick


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here are a couple from last night. I was looking for large'ish galaxies and these cropped up in CDC, so thought I'd give them a go. It ended up being a late night, so I'm suffering now :D, I had a mishap early on which meant I had to stay out longer. I was considering using a 20m USB extension to bring the laptop into the house to monitor the progress, but then thought, well I've not had any technical issues recently so I'll just pop out every 30mins or so. That was the kiss of death of course! It turned out that after the very first sub, Guide Master had crashed so I wasted 6x5mins subs before I noticed :)! Then later the camera battery was running low, so I thought I'd better change it, what harm could it do!? As I inserted the new battery, the camera unscrewed slightly from its T-thread, Doh! So the last few subs ended up at a slightly different angle. Fortunately, it didn't seem to affect anything when the flats were applied.

Anyhow, I think it all turned out ok in the end. The first shot is both the Hockey stick and the Wale. The second two are using 3x drizzle on each galaxy.

1hr 35mins (5min subs, ISO1600) using setup below.

Thanks for looking.




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Decent result. Like you, I'd stick with the old, 'If it ain't broke...'

Can I pass on a processing trick? You have some dark star halo effects. Usually all you need to do is (in Photoshop) use the clone stamp in mode 'Lighten' and , with a soft brush a bit bigger than the halo, click over the area. Tha halo should disappear justlikethat...


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thanks for your comments.

I will try that trick Olly, thank you. (update....neat trick, it works nicely, thanks!)

I found these two galaxies to be quite a bit fainter than others I've been doing recently. I think they could do with longer or more subs.

The hockey Stick is a strange one, very faint down one end, then brighter and notted at the other, I believe the curved bit at the end is thought to be another galaxy.

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