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Martian Summertime - May 15 2010


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The northern hemisphere of Mars is now officially in summertime. It passed the Martian summer solstice on May 13. Turned my 16" on it last night - very challenging indeed as the disc is showing its quieter side and is only 6.6 arc seconds in diameter now.

The NPC was dull and only really defined by the shading that surrounded it. Two brighter areas that were much lighter than the NPC were seen on the eastern limb - a very small patch in the NE and a much larger area in the SE. The SE marking was accompanied by two darker areas.

Across the bulk of the disc was a faint forked shape marking - darker in the west. The fork shape curved around a lighter area - Amazonia. The main Tharsis region was fairly non-descript. No distinctive features were seen across much of the southern area.


16" x295 magnifcation

Red filter

Seeing: III

CM approx 118 degrees


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