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2 more Saturn captures


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really nice pics there... can i ask your exact setup and findings??? as i have the same setup skymax 127 and spc900nc. i wondered how may frames, shutter speeds, gain, brightness blah blah blah. I would also like to know how you went about processing in registax as mine have come out not so good lol..... im pressuming you used the x2 barlow??? ive not got round to using mine yet pther than a quick go last night but i was very surprised just how much the light got cut down using the supplied SW deluxe x2 :-( picture became very noisy with little lighting of the subject. Perhaps you could post a single frame or screen pic when capturing??? would be nice to see what your capturing and a final outcome with stacking?

Your help would be much appreciated as the skies arent clear for too long and this trial and error is munching much of my precious time.

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those 127 maks take excellent images of planets, colours very nice something i find hard to get with my 6" sct f10,

there was an image taken last year i think it was of Jupiter with one of these set ups and it was fantastic, the guy said it was his first effort which made it more annoying as i`ve never come close to what he had got with a bigger aperature scope

excellent effort of yours well done, second one alot sharper

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Thanks for all the comments guys i really appreciate the feedback and any tips/advice you have . The results i'm getting are still quite random sometimes i think its just the seeing conditions plus i've not figured out what settings brings out the best results when capturing . I always use my 2x barlow which is an Orion shorty plus although the standard skywatcher that came with my scope seemed to do fine when everything was just right , i tend to take 2000-3000 frames at 1/25 shutter max out the brightness & gain to start with then lower gain so image becomes dim but with rings still visable then i normally lower brightness a few notches . The white balance is still something i'm very unsure about which at the moment is the thing i want to figure out , my current method is once i have the target on screen with gain/brightness set i turn on auto then off again ( was mentioned in something i was reading on the net ) , i've also had a go using full auto but sometimes it seems this can change the tone of the image when lighting conditions change . Registaxs is another thing i have a lot to learn with , at the moment i use the auto process so pick best reference frame as early in the capture as possible then i set processing area to 512 and lowest quality to 80% after that hit align . Optimize and stack are on auto no changing settings then i adjust the wavelets making sure not too kill the image maybe some contrast at this point but not too much . Last i use photoshop to unsharp mask denoise add or subtract color , brightness and contrast thats more or less my current method . Finished results can be anywhere from 1000 stacked frames to 2000 , any tips you folks have about the white balance would be great as i'm sure that this is what sometimes degrades / gives false colors in my images thanks .

Single frame from lastnights footage still to be reviewed .


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thanks for your feedback im printing it off as a rough guide :-) my pics so far are MUCH brighter but less detail... i tried to capture it as bright on the screen as i could without loosing too much detail but now see that may not be the idea seeing your single frame... mine all look very similar to the final lol...


i have some more Q's for you as you probably expected :-)

1) what FPS did you select? ( i use 10fps).

2) what capture software do you use? (i use WXAstro)

3) when you say "max out the brightness to start then dim" do you mean whilst capturing you dim the pic down or before you actually start your capture?

4) in photshop (geesh this program is hardcore...) im using CS5 how do you go about "unsharp mask denoise"???

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I use k3ccdtools for capturing set to 10 fps , the brightness and gain i adjust before i start the capture . The denoise i sometimes use is a 1 button function on my package seems to work well and the unsharp mask has 3 sliders which give all sorts of result just depends on the pic its a bit trial and error .

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very good images,thanks for all the tips.

i think its like you say a bit trail and error and down to the seeing conditions,its a good idea to make a note of your settings each time you film at least that way you have something to reference by

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Hi bigal

great images was they taken with your skymax

kris h

Hi , yeh all my pictures have been taken using the equipment listed in my sig and at the moment the skymax 127 is the only scope i have .

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