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Ring Nebula 250px 1000d


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Taken on Sunday night, about 3 hours of 300s subs at ISO1600, darks and flats. 250px with modded 1000d, CLS filter, guided on EQ6 with ED80 and B&W Toucam.

I'm experimenting with the processing, so I may gather a bit more data and try again. I think I've over exposed the ring a bit, didn't think that was possible lol, but it's sort picked op a bit of red nebulosity around the ring if you look carefully.

Thanks for looking


Full frame (love the coma)


Cropped version


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That's great....picking up that outer ring is hard :)

As you say, the inner ring is a bit overblown.

Is it like this in the original version, before you did any stretching?

If not, do a reprocess concentrating on the ring, and then drop it into this one.



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Thanks guys, I'm really enjoying the new 1000d. The ring is over exposed in the stacked version.

I'm up for gathering more M57 data tonight. What would you suggest to get the ring looking nice. Maybe 150s?

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wow, the 1000D must be really sensitive to Ha. That faint outer region really takes some capturing, and only starts to show any structure on my CCD camera and Ha filter with exposures of 1 hour. Maybe a higher bandpass filter would help me out!

As you can see, some parts of the ring positively glow in Ha, and are very bright. Dont lose that outer region, but with some shorter subs, maybe 45 or 60 seconds, you should be able to get some structure within the ring that way, but I would stack them seperately and then layer in the detailed bit. Fiddly, but worth it.

Great shot, I really like this.


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The cropped pic. certainly Highlights the Rings outer regions, and great it is.

I really do like the large picture of the whole surroundings .

1296 is still very visible, and the star population is beautiful, and the colours splendid. The not too overbright diffraction spikes just tops this splendid sight off.

Gorgeous sight Adam.


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