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Solar Activity 08 May


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Sorry I'm late, playing catchup with processing!

Morning cloud cleared early (May 8th) but the seeing was poor with boiling at both low and high frequencies. White light activity was restricted to AR 11069, now very close to the limb and appearing to be starting to fade too.


1021 UT. WO FLT 110, Lunt solar wedge, x2 barlow, DMK21

A wider view of the north western disk in Ha and CaK also shows AR 11067 which is also fading out:


1005 UT. Solarscope 60, x2 barlow, DMK41


1033 UT. Lunt 60mm, B1200 CaK diagonal, x2 barlow, DMK41

The CaK full disk shot ...


0938 UT. Coronado PST CaK, prime focus, DMK41

... reveals that the only other significant activity on the disc is AR 11068 in the south east sector ...


1028 UT. Lunt 60mm, B1200 CaK diagonal, x2 barlow, DMK21

... which was also bright in Ha


0948 UT. Solarscope 60, x2 barlow, DMK21

There was a notable bright quiescent prominence on the north limb


0954 UT. Solarscope 60, x2 barlow, DMK21

and an interesting group in the south south west


0951 UT. Solarscope 60, 2x barlow, DMK21

as well as the tall faint quiescent prominence in the east which was the real highlight (in my opinion) and which will be the subject of an animation.


1000 UT. Solarscope 60, 2x barlow, DMK21

Transparency very good but with some interference from drifting high cloud (con trails :bawling:). Seeing fairly bad, large amplitude low frequency & small amplitude high frequency boiling motions both continuous. Temperature 14C, wind E force 2-3.

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