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Saturn, 3 moons and ??? What is it?

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Ive been processing my pics this morning and was pretty confident that on my over ex'd shot i had got 4 moons. Checking on stellarium this appears to not be the case. The 3 moons are fine but the speck in the top right is unexplained. It isnt a pixel artifact as it is too large? Ideas?

Pic was taken at 1040 in Cambs object appears in pics 4 minutes apart so it isnt something passing through and satellite addon in stellarium rules that out too (unless it is a very minor one not listed)


Not bothered just wondered!

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According to Stellarium, i think it's a mag 9.15 star you have captured. Although the moons look out of order with your image, so i'm not sure.


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I did think it may be that star but it is too far over.

Looking again at stellarium i think i have probably mislabelled.

Image was at 2240 05/05/10 , my stellarium put the moons in different places then yours?

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