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Two faint binaries in Gemini

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Hello folks,

This is a rather difficult discovery to verify, because I'm not sure if these stars are going to be in amateur telescope imaging range. Just the other night I was doing a spot of casual photography before I came upon two faint double stars in Gemini (near the star HIP34497):

In search of new binaries of the northern sky - by A. Ahad

What can i do to find out the magnitudes of these pairs? Thanks for any pointers at all :D.

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Hi TeaDwarf,

Those sites are something of a treasure trove I have to say, so thanks a lot for sharing.

I had a bit of time to do basic querying and here's what I found:

The first pair ("Binary A") is located 30 arc-seconds from the 10.8 mag star TYC 2446-1961-1. I'd state its location for J2000.0 as:

RA : 07 09 03.6

Dec: +34 01 13

The two stars in this binary are sketched as *one* single object (unresolved) of mag between 12 and 14 in the USNO . They're too faint to be listed in the astrometric catalogue server, so my rough guess is the pair are of mags ~13 and ~14 (primary and secondary) respectively.

The second pair ("Binary B") is located ~135 arc-seconds from the 6.5 mag star HIP34497. I would give its location for J2000.0 as:

RA : 07 08 45.6

Dec: +33 57 48

This is showing as two separate stars in the USNO, but again they're too faint to be identified with any TYC numbers in the astrometric catalogue server. I'd place them as roughly of mags ~13 and ~16.

As for proper motions, distances and spectral classifications, well these are not available. I believe Binary A is a pair of red dwarfs from the colour plate in SIMBAD:


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