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CPC 800 Diagonal Replacement

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The quartz dielectric 2" diagonals from Telescope House are a great buy at the moment.


The William Optics dielectric is a very good choice as well, although more expensive.

The main thing to decide is whether to go for a diagonal that just screws onto the SCT directly or go for an SCT 2" visual back and use a push fit diagonal. Personally I'd recommend the visual back option.


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You can get the WO Carbon Fibre dielectric with 2" to 1.25" adaptor and an SCT screw on connector for £115 from Ace Cameras in Bristol. I got one last week and very pleased. V.nice bit of kit, staff really helpfull, and turnaround excellent :D

William Optics - Accessories: Best Deals On Astronomical Telescopes, Eyepieces and Accessories - Williams Optics At Ace Cameras - Canon, Leica, Swarovski, Bushnell, Nikon, Avian & All Top Brands

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FLO also has it.

Diagonals - William optics; Dielectric Diagonal with SCT Adaptor

It is a very nice diagonal, I use it in my CPC 925 and it does the job, feels solid and looks really shiny. Everything fits together beautifully in the way only truly shiny things can....(runs off for quick fiddle with moonlite focuser)

You would then have the option of a WO 33mm or 40mm SWAN for some nice low powered views (40mm is mag x51 and a AFoV of 1.4 degrees in the 800). A Hyperion 21mm is 32.2mm in 2" mode (all the others are about 20-22mm). So you have a few extra options with the 2". Worth the extra 50 quid if you really want to replace your diagonal and a decent range of 2" EPs are under 100 quid each

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